Iron Fences

Iron fences are pretty popular for people who want fences that are really strong. They’re what are first thought of when someone thinks of a traditional metal fence. It’s the kind you see around classic old buildings like Buckingham Palace, for instance.

As would be expected, they’re excellent for security and being made out of iron they are extremely durable. Iron fences are usually constructed by welding, making them very stable and pretty much impossible to be broken accidently. Many iron fences also come with rust protection as they use metal that’s been galvanized.

This doesn’t mean that iron fences never have to be maintained, of course. With natural wear and tear there comes the possibility of chips and exposure. Hence, it becomes important to occasionally touch up the scrapes on the fences to remove any chance that rust sets in in case the galvanized layer is broken through. However, this is a rare occurrence and while it remains important to check on it when you have an iron fence, it’s unlikely any painting will be needed with regularity. In fact, if the fence is only exposed to the weather and doesn’t get hit at all, then it’ll be fine without any touch-ups. 

Despite the classic nature of an iron fence that brings to mind quality craftsmanship, an iron fence can usually be installed by homeowners themselves. It’s a great DIY project as it only requires basic hand tools. All welding is usually done in the manufacturing stage long before the customer gets their hands on it, so no worries about not being an expert in arc welding!

Iron fences can be made in the shape of panels or chain link but when we talk about classic fencing we’re always talking about wrought iron fencing. These fences come in many patterns and hence can be infinitely customized. There’s usually the option of getting finials on top in a variety of shapes for even more unique designs. Fences